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About the BizCom CMS

Product Overview

The BizCom Content Management System delivers easy-to-use website content management tools for technical and non-technical users alike. It's designed to give you control of how and when your website is updated.

Our Content Management System gives you the flexibility to make changes, create web pages in advance and to add links and pictures to your site, without having to understand the technical aspects of changing your site or changing the look and feel of your site.

By choosing to have the Content Management System added to your website you are reducing your long term budget for your website and you are ensuring that your website has the information you need - when you need it - and not on anyone else's time frame.

Do-It-Yourself Maintenance for Enterprise-Class Websites

Now you don't have to be a technical whiz-or hire a staff of programmers-to protect your investment in a visually compelling, interactive website.


Why It Works...

Imagine an enterprise-class web publishing environment where you could seamlessly update your company site without ever typing a line of code-or buying and running a high-end CMS application. And imagine that you could have this best-of-all-possible virtual worlds at your fingertips for a low monthly cost. With the BizCom Content Management System, you gain the power to make all the competitive advantages of your dreams a reality.

  • Maximize your site's relevance, visibility, and usability - WYSIWYG editing and a drag-and-drop interface make freshening up pages a snap.
  • Control the consistency of your content, design, and brand image with pre-installed style sheets and centralized content management.
  • Streamline the publishing process with a customizable set of user-friendly management tools.
  • A central resource library - A single location for overseeing content, managing workflow, and monitoring bandwidth usage, site traffic, and disk space.
  • Page versioning with rollback for quick fixes and efficient tracking of content changes.
  • Searchable audit trails for optimal compliance management.
  • Automatic form builder - Create forms without coding.

The Basic version of BCMS comes installed on every BizCom-designed website and easily scales as your needs change to include multiple users and additional tools.

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